Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Soften your Fall with Pastels


Not ready to let go of summer just yet although cooler temperatures keep calling for those warmer fall fabrics in your wardrobe ? Still want to enhance that whisp of a summer glow? How can we best ensure this difficult transition from summer to fall? Well, think no more, PASTELS are your go-to choice to ease into the new season with soft, gentle and flattering grace.

Pastels are the favoured trans-seasonal trend which you will find  everywhere. Certain designers had already featured pastel coloured clothing in last autumn's collections and those soft pink, blue, green, lilac, peachy and yellow hues also made a strong statement over spring and summer. Well... pastels will still be a key element of style throughout this autumn and winter.

For me, my 'pastel coup de coeur' (and HUGE regret...) is this fabulous 'blush pink' coat (from last fall's 2013 collections) ...which I tried on, which looked and felt absosultely wonderful and...which I didn't get ! WHY WHY WHY???...Sometimes, it is NOT a good idea to listen to the voice of reason!

by BLUMARINE Fall 2013

But stores are all carrying a selection of pastel coats, jackets, sweaters, accessories to make sure we have a pastel-happy season which will carry us through to next spring without the usual (wishful thinking??) winter blues...(unless they too are pastel...)

So here is a gallery to inspire you. I hope you will find your pastel 'coup de coeur' and that if you do...do NOT listen to that silly (and very irritating) voice of reason and just GO FOR IT ! You deserve your PASTEL MOMENT ! Happy shopping...

Again last fall's BLUMARINE collection (and NO I'm still NOT over it...!)

CELINE Fall - Winter 2013-2014

ROCHAS - Fall - Winter 2014-2015

CARVEN - Fall - Winter 2014-2015

CHLOE - Fall - Winter 2014-2015

HERMES - Fall -Winter 2014-2015

Love the advertising campaign (perfect look I'll take it ALL)... for GUCCI - Fall 2014

GUCCI mints - yumm... Fall - Winter 2014-2015

BOTTEGA VENETA - Fall - Winter 2014-2015 flirty and feminine

And whether you wear feathers, furs or faux...you will find it all in pastels...

GUCCI - Fall - Winter 2014-2015

RALPH LAUREN -Fall - Winter 2014-2015 birds of a feather...

More ahhhhh...RALPH LAUREN - divine colour

CHIARA FERRAGNI wearing a pink feather jacket and MIU MIU bag via Pinterest

But do not let FAUX be forgotten...

A 'furry-faux' pastel rainbow by AMERICAN RETRO Fall - Winter 2014-2015

No matter what pastel hue(s) you choose to add to your 'classic' cold-weather palette; it will bring a glow to your complexion, a softness to your look and brighten up even the drabiest and greyest day. But if you only wish to add a dab of pastel to your wardrobe, you can always invest in a great accessory..like...

Fabulous CHLOE bag ...paired with a great scarf and soft gloves - she's got it perfectly...

LOUIS VUITTON - "Neverfull pm"- Handbag

Love this beautiful soft baby blue clutch - unfortunately have no credits for it...sorry...just had to include it for inspiration's sake...via Pinterest

A fabulous hat - I dare you....via fashion.allswomantalk.com

Fingerless, blue and soft...you may never want to take them off...via etsy.com

Or so glam in long, powder pink leather...via chapeaumelon-paris.com

But perhaps (???) just perhaps, you may not be interested in buying pastels to WEAR this fall...perhaps you'd prefer something for your HOME SWEET HOME instead...

Cool and bright with soft yelllow, green and blue...and it's summer all year long...via interiorholic.com

Or some great pastel wall decor...via frenchyfancy.com

 How about pure pastel table enchantment for fall...via ruffledblog.com

Or you may even HATE pastel, and only adore everything dark...yet you can't resist a good fad when you see one...sooo... you may decide on one fabulous detail to brighten up (very discretely) your monochromatic abode...


Like this cool chair...via cotemaison.fr

So whether you are 'full-force out there' in PASTEL EVERYTHING like this...

It's a pastel life (and pastel hair) for WILDFOX - prefall collection 2014

or a little more discreet, like this...

Pretty cashmere scarf collection by ANNE TOURAINE - Paris

You will sucomb to pastel one way or another... and if you aren't convinced yet...

Hey Beautiful... via braque.de.weimar.monsite-orange.fr

Nature always gets it right...we just copy...via jenningsandgates.blogspot.com

Best makeup...and waterproof too...via ifitop10.blogspot.com

Perfect colors and patterns - nature at its' best...via rickredaphotos.com

So you see, it's unavoidable...you are doomed to be 'pastelized' this season...one way...

Champagne and Sorbet via womensday.com

or another...

Irresistible LADUREE macaroons (and just about everything else...)via Pinterest

Be it candy...

Love Hearts...and pastel memories...via Pinterest

or eye-candy...

Pomellaaaahhhhto... yes pleeeaaase...err...POMELLATO

Are you pastel ready for Fall? I know I am. Maybe I can still get that Blumarine coat on ebay or something...somewhere...anyone...??

(details for the color/inspiration boards on this blog or on Polyvore).

A très vite...